Artist Statement

“Works of art are always the product of a dangerous situation, an experience taken to the limits, to the point where no one can no longer go any further.”
-Rainer Maria Rilke

When I moved to Vermont in 1978 I fell in love with the landscape. Until then I had focused primarily on the human form. I began to incorporate the figure into the landscape and eventually realized that no matter the scale the figure dominated the landscape. I began to eliminate humans from my paintings to create what I think of as visual poems, love songs to Gaia…

I am visually interested in the minutiae of my immediate environment. But my intent when painting is to seek out the essence of the place…to create a personal language in order to express a pure feeling.

As we humans push the land to the brink of disaster I have begun to think of my paintings as small prayers…small pleas to the world to remember… to love.

I continue to draw the figure, as the human form was my 1st love and I work to produce beautiful drawings. As with the paintings my intent is to express and reflect.